Lovely People Vol. 2 - Katie - Jean Simmons

Located just off Edinburgh's Royal Mile, Elk & Wolf offers an array of bohemian homewares, jewellery and accessories beautifully displayed by the team. Passionate about supporting artisans, they collaborate closely with local artists and makers, displaying their unique products in the shop.
Today we chat with Katie, owner of Elk & Wolf and one of our wonderful stockists on how she curates her store and balancing shopkeeper life and family life!
We believe that the products we use on our body and in our home should be kind to you and to the environment, whilst being beautifully designed too.  How do you select the items in your 
How do you think about sustainability and incorporate it in your life day-to-day? 
What’s your favorite Our Lovely Goods product and why?
How do you make time for wellness and creativity in your life?
Favourite Independent Brands?
Favourite place you have traveled to?
Favourite quote or piece of advice?
Favourite Magazine?
Favourite food?

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