• Topics from Our Monthly Edit: Autumn Self Care

      Get some coffee and a blanket, it’s time to get cosy... Autumn to us is a season of calmness and relaxation; a wonderful time to embrace a  new ...
  • BBC Radio 4 - Black Business Matters Interview

    Ebi was interviewed by Tobi Oredein, founder of media company Black Ballad to share about our journey and the impact the recent Black Lives Matters movement has had on our business! Is this all a trend or will there be substantial and long-term change? 
  • #PayUp - Topics from Our Monthly Edit

    It is true that at the onset of Covid-19, many businesses faced losses and the clothing industry was not left out. However, it is just not fair that fashion brands would decide to cancel production orders from manufacturers, including those that have been completed or were already being made, in order to minimize their financial fallout. 
  • Our Creative Space with 91 Magazine

    We started off working in our kitchen but as time went by we knew we desperately needed more space (and our kitchen looking less like a workshop!)
  • Edinburgh Pop Up!

    We had the most incredible week in Edinburgh popping up at Space at Seventeen - what a way to start 2020!
  • We're setting up shop in Edinburgh!

    From January 6th until January 12th we will be residents at Space at Seventeen where we hope to create a beautiful space for people to not only shop our products but to feel relaxed, renewed and inspired. During the week we will also host a workshop providing an opportunity for people to gather and be creative together! 
  • Not just a body butter

    We thought we would elaborate a little bit on the many uses for our body butters!   In particular, our Nurture body butter is intended for the who...
  • What's the difference between a body butter and a body lotion?

    Body butters are rich and luxurious products, they have a thicker texture than a conventional lotion because they have a higher viscosity, therefor...
  • How to use a Bath and Body Oil

    Bath and body oils offer many uses and benefits. Adding oil to your bath may at first seem counterintuitive but in many cultures this practice has ...