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Please buy this candle!

So impressed with this candle - it arrived beautifully packaged, with a hand written thank you and smells incredible - great burn time too. Will definitely be buying again!

I love this scent

I was so happy when this was made into a diffuser, what a lovely smell!!! I have it close to my front door and love walking past and getting that delicious waft of coastal smells, this is a firm favourite in my household! It also fills the room really well but would recommend turning the reeds once a week to get that refreshed.

Very calming fragrance I bought it to replace the one which was bought for me.

Just replaced a present. Bought it for the fragrance and the fact that it burned right down to very bottom.

My favourite company !

I could rave about thus company and the products forever ! The candles are immense, they smell incredible (this is my favourite scent) and last for hours / days. They’re also soy wax (so renewable and longer burn). The owners are lovely and responsive if you ever have an issue. There is a loyalty program, everything is packed perfectly and gets to you on time ! While candles might be considered a luxury by some, there is a concerted effort to make a difference which you can’t say about a lot of consumer goods now a day. ❤️

ideal for nature lovers

absolutely love this scent from OLG and would definitely recommend it to those who love the outdoors and long walks in the woods. it makes a great gift, too! would definitely buy again.

don't think twice - it's worth it

definitely a fixed favourite in our household - the coast candle has a wonderfully calming, unmistakably seaside scent. i'd tried the standard size at first but the moment that bottle opened, it was love at first sniff. also love how the OLG three-wick candles can really fill a room without becoming too strong and overbearing, PLUS how beautifully and cleanly they burn! 11/10 would recommend.

Amazing Scent

Smells absolutely gorgeous! I had previously bought another diffuser and wanted to try this scent out as I have the candle. It did not disappoint at all! Beautiful scent!

A lovely, moisturising body butter.

Smells like a fire - in a good way!

It's one of my favourites and the best one in their range. It makes me so relaxed as if I'm in front of a roaring fire in a ski lodge.


My second purchase from our lovely goods, I really love the scents of the reed diffusers. One evening is more subtle than my previous choice, but is still adds a lovely scent to the room.

Delicious and warm

This smells exactly like I hoped it would. I absolutely love it.

Lovely addition

Nice and neat little tealight holder, lovely detail on both the raw or the white versions.

Great set of baskets

These are truly lovely and compliment the larger baskets in the oval shape (or any of the range). These are lovely little sizes that are perfect for the smaller items you want to store.


vetiver and bergamot are two of my favourite scents, and with the addition of black pepper here it adds just the right amount of spice to the mix. bought this without having smelled it beforehand and would absolutely do so again!

absolutely dreamy

bought the smaller version of this candle at first, but it was so divine I just had to purchase the larger one. if you love being out in nature, and fresh but comforting scents - this is the one for you. would definitely recommend!

Lovely find

Smells amazing and doesn’t burn to quickly. Will definitely buy more


Transports you to the coastline - fresh and energising


Beautifully calming scent.


This is now my 3rd The Old Library candle - the first was a gift from my sister and I have been completely obsesed with it ever since! Honestly my favourite candle ever! They last a really long time and the smell is strong but not overpowering. Love it!

Great candle

Love everything about the candle from the simple subtle logo and no fuss packaging but most importantly the candle smells lovely and brightens my day when I smell it !

Great product

This is a great all round product lovely scent that fills the room


I purchased these tea lights by name only - very mysterious. The fragrance is amazing; it seems to take me to an exotic location …….

Tea lights

I bought this set of discovery lights which are proving to be very useful for special occasions. Also handy for choosing a favourite fragrance in future purchases.

Beeswax candles

I bought these candles in the blossom shade. They are so beautiful I do not want to use them! I hope to purchase all the colours when possible.


Some nice smells but found it hard to read what they where on bottom so small writing .