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So autumnal!

I love this. It's fruity without being sweet- autumnal but so original and unlike anything else I've smelt before in the best way. I can't believe the throw of these candles; even unlit, with the lid off the smell fills the room. Such great quality.

The Orchard

Perfect for when the days are getting shorter and you want to feel cosy, love it!

Feels and smells greats

I’d been looking for a rosehip based facial oil to use with facial cups and after some research I also wanted sea buckthorn due to its hydrating properties. Was really happy to find this facial oil from an independent business. It feels great on my skin (I have sensitive skin which often gets dry and I have not had any issues with the oil). It has a very light (non-invasive), pleasant smell (I assume just from the natural ingredients).

Really like used this oil and plan to buy again (prompt delivery). Many thanks, Our Lovely Goods!

Huggable Mug
My favourite mug

I love this tactile mug, it fits perfectly in your hands for that extra special hot drink. So carefully packed and sent in recyclable packaging. I think I need another to use when this one is in the wash. Very happy

Smooth and mellow

This diffuser reminds me of my husbands aftershave - smooth and mellow. A lovely scent for our lounge. Carefully packaged and sent quickly. Delighted

Beautiful and calming fragrance

This is the 3rd candle I’ve purchased and will be purchasing another when this one ends. The candle burns evenly and has a lovely natural fragrance that does not overpower the room. Would highly recommend. Recipient of one which was a gift commented on the beautiful way it was packaged and presented too.

Another lovely candle

I've just bought another candle from OLG: I love this company and I love their candles. Road to Port Harcourt is my favourite. Just gorgeous.


This candle smells amazing. Love it. I've since bought the reed diffuser too. Such a warm & lovely scent for evenings in. Really well packaged too. Very pleased.


My all time favorite OLG scent. Have purchased in both sizes - all OLG candles burn evenly and slowly. The way my eyes light up when I see that Royal Post (I live in the US). Ain’t no ocean wide enough to keep me from OLG!

Understated but evocative

One of my favourites. Does actually remind me of contented hours paging through books in libraries - the scent of old tomes, wooden shelves and mysteries and adventures awaiting discovery. My happy place.

Nostalgic and sophisticated

I love the scent of this candle. It's the opposite of the pungent scents of some high street examples. Makes my home smell lovely but not in an overpowering way.


What a beautiful scent - perfectly described & named. It’s earthy, sweet, musky yet warming. It has a powerful throw filling my entire entryway / hallway without being over powering or headache inducing as many other diffusers can be. I love the amber glass bottle and neutral toned label. Super aesthetic! Love the option for no box too, can’t wait to order more from OLG!

Soothing morning aroma

A wonderful addition to our Sunday morning ‘slow’ living ritual….. provides a cosy comforting hug in scent form…. Thank you our lovely goods for an excellent product and service 🧡

The Old Library

A gorgeous scent, all of OLG's are lovely but I especially like this one. This time I have bought two single candles to sit side by side, instead of a 3 wick; makes a nice change. Service is excellent.

Soaps away

Lovely gentle and delicate soap bar. Soothes my skin and doesn't dry it out.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Lovely pot and beautiful rich scent from the candle. Very heady and musky for the summer period.

Gorgeous Candle! Smells amazing!

This is honestly such a lovely candle. The smell reminds me of being on holiday and its strong but not overpowering.
I also arranged to collect in store but was unable to get through and the owners very kindly posted my candle to me free of charge. Thank you.

A Gift

I sent the candle to my daughter in the hope it will be of little help whilst recently going through grief after losing her darling husband.
She said the candle is calming &has a beautiful scent.

Love this candle!

Amazing candle - you have to buy one!! (or several!) I love it. Burns well and fragrances the room beautifully

Madarin Geranium and Cedarwood

The combination of elements again seem so enticing but again they are so strongly mingled there is no subtlety.
Mandarin and geranium should be sweeter, perhaps the addition of cedarwood adds a too overpowering.
Sorry...I so wanted to like it.

Amazing scented candles

One word to describe the various smells - sublime. Can't wait to try them all!
My one tiny suggestion - if possible to make the names of each candle a little bigger but what a wonderful treat.

Stonewear spoon rest

Love it!Beautiful and good size

Raffia hanging planter

It's even better than I expected! Great size and amazing quality!Love it!

Lovely & relaxing

Lovely scent very well balanced.