Brown Alpaca Socks


Available in size 4-7 only

Pairs Scotland undyed collection is unique in its feel and make up, so soft to the touch that they are indispensable to your everyday comfort; combined with the knowledge that we have treaded lightly through each phase of the making process to produce a timeless slow fashion product. 

The sustainably sourced fleeces of alpacas are strong and breathable, whilst giving a lustrous quality to their natural colour ways.  Known as the noble fibre, it is luxurious yet resilient, making our alpaca socks an excellent choice for anyone making lifestyle changes away from disposable cotton or irritable woollen socks.

They use a high percentage of alpaca in their socks, which not only makes them beautifully warm but highly breathable, to prevent overheating and unseemly odours. They are remarkably strong for day to day use, yet luxurious enough to be used in place of slippers.