We’re Ebi and Emmanuel the founders of Our Lovely Goods.
Together we’ve created a life and a business that celebrates the feeling of home.
Home should be a place where you can be completely at ease. Somewhere to shut the door on the stresses and pressures of the outside world, where it’s ok to wear pyjamas all day, eat cereal at the kitchen counter and call it dinner, and dance to your favourite track, loudly, on repeat.
Our Lovely Goods is an extension of us and our home. The common thread running through everything we do is our Nigerian heritage. We both come from a culture rooted in gathering family, sharing food, good music, and a laid-back approach to life. Nigeria is a big source of inspiration for us, the sensory overload of colours, textures, and the unforgettable people.
 Call it fate, chance, or luck we both ended up more than 4,000 miles away, in Aberdeen, Scotland amongst a community of like-minded people. We met at a Christmas concert, started talking and laughing, and we haven’t stopped since.  Becoming parents to our two girls, made us want to create a safe, nurturing environment around us, one that also protects and cares for the wider world that they will inherit. 
We started making skincare and candles, using the best quality and purest ingredients we could find with scents inspired by a story, transporting people to a moment or place. Our Lovely Goods weaves together our passions for home, family, and heritage. Our collection has grown to include homewares and baskets made in Nigeria, combining traditional craft with new designs. It gives us great joy to share the tradition of weaving and to support the makers who have created woven goods for generations, with so much skill and beauty. It’s such a thrill to see products we are so passionate about, in so many of your homes, as well as featured in magazines like Elle Decoration and stocked in shops like Anthropologie.
We believe the spaces we inhabit affect how we feel and how we live. An open and generous home helps connect us to one another. Whether it’s a family house, a flat, or a room to call your own. Making a home shouldn’t feel complicated, pressured, or expensive. It’s about belonging, sharing, welcoming, and laughing, often. That’s the wonderful thing about home, and life, it’s never perfect. A chipped handmade mug for your daily coffee, a wrinkled linen napkin, or a red wine stain on a worn wooden table, it’s the everyday details that bring a home to life. 
So make yourself at home, with Our Lovely Goods.